Harassment Prevention

Our courses follow the general outline of: “The Cause, The Case, and The Cure.”

We begin with a full discussion of the reasons that harassment occurs; we then engage the learner in case studies regarding the complexities of the legal issues; we conclude with exercises to practice skill building and taking personal responsibility to prevent harassment.

General Harassment Prevention

Objective: Participants learn “the impact” of harassment, “the causes” of harassment and “the law” in order to learn how to effectively eliminate harassment in the workplace. This course covers not only sexual harassment, but racial harassment, national origin harassment and other categories covered under the law.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Objective: Participants will learn the full range of sexual harassment issues and practice useful tools to eliminate it in the workplace. Definitions are discussed as legally defined by the EEOC, and proactive measures are presented and discussed so that employees and managers understand their role in creating a “harassment free” workplace.