New Media Training Overview

NewPoint utilizes a very powerful suite of web-based tools to enable rapid creation and deployment of high quality and reliable knowledge communications solutions. We can develop full training or informational experiences, such as one-hour lessons on corporate governance, EEO, or diversity. All NewPoint solutions may be deployed in a variety of modes ranging from standalone, mobile, client-server, and web-based either within or outside the organization’s firewalls. At NewPoint, we develop full video-based, interactive, engaging, on-line learning courses in a variety of employment issues that can either stand-alone or supplement classroom live training. We make it as entertaining as possible…that’s why we call it “edu-tainment”.

We make our on-line training as real as possible showing typical managers at work dealing with typical situations. In our videos, we show conflict and how to deal with it. Managers often get help from each other on “what to do” in tricky situation, creating a rich, relevant, and entertaining experience for our learners. We also focus on “ tools” to use to make sure managers know how to use good judgment

Here’s what our clients say –“Best online training we’ve ever had…it’s actually fun!”

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The Blended Training Solution

At NewPoint we merge people and technology to create continuous learning strategies – a blended solution that combines facilitator led training with ongoing reinforcement through on-line courses and live collaborative learning sessions using new digital media tools to reach people around the globe.

NewPoint then designs custom solutions utilizing all the training tools at our disposal to create the most effective learning experience.

  • Facilitator Led Training
  • Quick Points
  • On-line Training/Mobile applications
  • Live facilitated webcast training