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Greg Jenkins is a Senior Consultant at NewPoint Strategies and is the team leader for the sexual assault prevention practice. He is a dedicated and passionate consultant, practitioner and life-long learner of Diversity & Inclusion, Equal Opportunity and Leadership. Greg recently completed a successful US Army career that ranged from overseas duties in Germany, South Korea and combat duty in Iraq to include a number of stateside assignments culminating in Washington D.C.

Greg is a thought leader on issues related to soldiers and veterans. His leadership efforts and activities includes; veteran focused radio show appearances; numerous diversity and inclusion published articles; lobbying on behalf of survivors of military sexual trauma to members of Congress; volunteer work with suicide awareness and prevention and Department of Defense employer supporting organizations; resulting in countless veterans supported and increased employer training and education levels

Greg’s performance in Military Equal Opportunity efforts resulted in developing a model program for other Army Equal Opportunity and human relations efforts. Greg has served as the senior commander’s liaison with state and local organizations, along with educational and community leaders resulting in improved civic relationships.

He was selected by the Director of the Army’s Diversity Task Force to help establish the Army’s Diversity program, policy and products. He was instrumental in the planning and execution the Army’s Diversity marketing campaign achieving world-wide coverage for the Army’s 1.4M Soldiers, Civilians, and their family members.

Greg is an experienced instructor who has provided training, facilitation and oversight for thousands of personnel ensuring quality and relevant Military Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Leadership training and education for mid, senior and executive level managers and leaders. Most recently, Greg has become a volunteer for the State of Missouri, Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve.

Greg has outstanding project management skills that resulted in the planning, coordination and execution of the inaugural 2010 Army Diversity & Leadership Training Symposium, and the first-ever combined, effective educational experience for over 570 Equal Opportunity Advisors, EEO managers, human relations and diversity practitioners. He planned, organized and executed three annual Senior Executive Diversity Awareness Training conferences for over 450 senior executive services/general officers, resulting in advancing their diversity and human relations competence and professional development.

Greg is a published author and graduate of Webster University, where he recently attained his master’s degree in Human Resources Development. He enjoys his friends, family and staying physically fit while volunteering for organizations within his community.

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