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Kesha Chiappinelli is a Consultant at New Point Strategies and is a subject matter expert on sexual assault in the military. She is committed to the advancement of the military justice system in regard to the prosecution of sexual assault cases. She is a passionate consultant and trainer who recently completed a successful active duty Air Force career as an Assistant Staff Judge Advocate.

Before receiving her commission she completed her legal studies at New York Law School in 2009. Kesha was a judicial intern for a New York State Supreme Court Judge in the Commercial Division where cases of fraud, misrepresentation, derivative actions, and contract disputes are heard. She also had the unique opportunity of interning for a legal analyst at Fox News. She researched and drafted articles which appeared on the Fox News website. Each topic was hand-picked from current events and the legal facets of each topic were analyzed. Kesha also got an inside look at the inner workings of national television news production via access to the recording studios.

While active duty she was stationed at Beale Air Force, a busy legal office with a heavy caseload. Her work as Trial Counsel included high profile sexual assault cases with multiple victims, child victims and child pornography. Some of the cases were of public interest and required coordination with Public Affairs. Additionally, many of the victims she interviewed were victims of retaliation. This ignited a passion for helping to eradicate retaliation and reprisal in the military.

In addition to her role as Trial Counsel she was Chief of Legal Assistance and Employment Law and spearheaded a legal internship program with UC Davis School of Law. She had the opportunity to put her knowledge of employment law to work when she collaborated with the AUSA in Sacramento and an Air Force Civilian attorney on a discrimination case involving civilian employees. Together with the AUSA they coordinated multiple interviews of civilian employees and deposed the alleged victim. She also drafted lengthy internal reports and interrogatories in an effort to find a resolution.

Kesha truly enjoys helping others and when she isn’t busy with her young son she volunteers for an international organization devoted to helping other mothers.

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