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Raj Gupta is a senior consultant and trainer with NewPoint Strategies, LLC. He brings over 25 years of EEO expertise with the EEOC headquarters in Washington, D.C. His primary role is to provide consulting to NewPoint Strategies clients in the area of EEO compliance, complaint investigations, Affirmative Action, diversity, and harassment prevention training.

Mr. Gupta has worked with NewPoint Strategies in providing consulting and training on employment issues for numerous government agencies and private clients. Mr. Gupta has had an illustrious career as senior legal and policy advisor to five Presidential Appointees at the EEOC. He represented the Commission in appellate litigation, headed a Policy Development branch, and served as an administrative judge for class actions. He represented the EEOC on Vice President Al Gore’s National Partnership for Reinventing Government (NPR) and on the NPR Diversity Task Force. He co-authored two NPR repots: “Best Practices in Achieving Workforce Diversity” and “A Report on the Status of Diversity Initiatives in the Federal Government.”

Mr. Gupta is listed in the premier edition of WHO’S WHO AMONG ASIAN AMERICANS. He has been interviewed extensively for the EEOC Oral History Project and his interviews are a part of the EEOC historical collection at the U.S. National Archives.

Mr. Gupta received masters of laws degrees from the university of Delhi, Columbia University, and the New York University. He graduated at the top of his law school classes at the University or Delhi. He also has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Delhi. He is a member of the New Delhi bar, the New York bar, the U.S. Supreme Court Bar, and the bars of several U.S. Courts of Appeals and District Courts.

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