The Blended Training Solution

At NewPoint we merge people and technology to create continuous learning strategies – a blended solution that combines facilitator led training with ongoing reinforcement through on-line courses and live collaborative learning sessions using new digital media tools to reach people around the globe.

NewPoint then designs custom solutions utilizing all the training tools at our disposal to create the most effective learning experience.

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  • Facilitator Led Training

  • Real Time Video Webcasts

  • Comprehensive On-line Training

Mobile “Edutainment” Learning Animations

NewPoint leads the industry in launching mobile  “Edutainment” digital learning Animations.  Check out our latest cartoon animation series on sexual assault called “Consent Rewind”.

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Throughout this web series, you’ll be reviewing these videos as a way to learn and think about consent. There are a lot of aspects to consent, but it’s founded on a simple principle: respect and autonomy. It means that everyone has the right to choose what happens to them leading up to or during sex, and no one is allowed to violate those boundaries.