Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Training

Diversity and Inclusion Awareness

Objective: Our key learning objectives include – understanding the relationship of valuing diversity in the workplace to both personal and the organization’s continuing success.

All our diversity courses are grounded in the principles of appreciating differences and leveraging the value of different cultural perspectives in approaching work and solving problems. Through case studies and dynamic group exercises, we explore the concept of “diversity disconnects” and stereotyping. Participants learn practical skills to defuse uncomfortable situations and restore relationships damaged by cultural misunderstandings. NewPoint includes exercises in “implicit bias” to give a deeper understanding internal messaging that often drives biased behavior and skill building to overcome these cultural influences.  Creating rich conversations and continuous group interaction is the key to success in our diversity classes.

Working Effectively in a Multicultural Environment

Objective: This program begins with understanding the difference between the many cultures in the workplace. We establish proactive rather than reactive responses to dealing effectively within different cultures

Cross Cultural Effectiveness

Objective: This course explores the art of global communication that focuses on culture and management styles of different countries. The participant will be able to reduce miscommunications and bring new perspective to problem solving, bring new ideas to teams and individuals. They will build skills to help meet the challenges of communications across cultures and working in different cultural environments.

Gender Awareness

Objective: This training helps develop awareness and knowledge about similarities and differences in gender culture/perspective. The participant will be able to understand the impact of differences on work relationships and team. They will learn the tools for improving cross-gender communications and effectiveness. Once the stereotypes have been identified and dispelled, the participant will develop a personal plan of action.

Dealing with Difficult People & Conversations in a Diverse Workplace

Objective: This program focuses on establishing the reasons behind conflict and then to successfully negotiate change so that conflict is mitigated and successful communication can take place. This course is scenario based, and involves small and large group role-play and interaction.

Cross Cultural Training

The world is smaller today and NewPoint provides the necessary understanding and tools to navigate in the new global arena. Our multi-cultural consultants provide employees with the expertise to better communicate in our complex new world.

DVD or Online Courses in Cross-Cultural Effectiveness
(through our partner, ATMA Global)

Objective: These courses focus on the culture and management practices of different cultures around the world. The participant will be able to access essential learning materials to enable them to interact more effectively with people from different cultures based in the USA or overseas. Participants will be able to reduce miscommunications, build trust and manage more effectively. Additionally, they will be able to bring a new perspective to problem solving and enhance team interactions. By obtaining critical cultural knowledge, participants will build skills to help meet the challenges of communicating effectively across cultures and working with people from different cultural environments. We currently offer courses on 15 countries and regions. Additional courses added quarterly. Please contact us for the most recent list.

Police Training on “De-Escalation”

NewPoint Strategies offers a facilitator-led interactive training workshop on “De-Escalation for Police Officers”.  This program is based on issues that emerged from prior training with police and from the experience of retired police officers on our team.

Objective: Our goal is to better equip the police officer with the emotional readiness to avoid potential violence wherever possible. Our program is successful because it deals with the critical emotional issues that determine in large part the results of “high-risk” interaction between a police officer and citizens. We honor and respect the situation that police face every day and our goal is not to place blame but to acknowledge the fear reaction that often leads to violence on both sides and to teach the necessary skills to “de-escalate” a potentially violent interaction before it gets out of control.

NewPoint utilizes a personal approach that combines short presentations by the instructors and case studies that are based on real situations in the field.  The case studies allow the officers the time and the space to practice “de-escalation” skills that can save their lives and the lives of others.