EEO for Managers & Supervisors


Objective: This course focuses on the EEO process from start to finish. The participant will explore employee rights, the complaint procedure and resolving disputes. Other variations on this course are offered as follows: EEO Counseling: Law, Regulation & Skills; EEO Complaint Process & Procedures; EEO & Performance Management

Affirmative Employment Programs 

Objective: This session provides all the information needed to understand federal regulations, the Affirmative Employment plan preparation process and how to survive the audit process. We tailor our discussions and group exercises to policies and procedures specific to the agency or organizational goals.

Do’s & Don’ts of Hiring & Firing

Objective: This course is for every manager that has hiring and firing responsibility. We focus on the appropriate way to conduct an interview as well as understanding the law that dictates what you “can and cannot say” to a prospective employee or an employee that is about to be terminated.

Americans with Disabilities Act

This civil rights law prohibits under certain circumstances, discrimination based on disability, and NewPoint can help your managers and supervisors understand the complicated provisions required for compliance for companies and agencies.


NewPoint specializes in providing Alternative Dispute Resolution services to our clients – we help parties to come to an agreement through listening to both sides – this approach provides a positive solution to resolution instead of litigation.