Military Training on Destructive Behaviors

NewPoint has a range of facilitator led and online trainings for the military on the range of destructive behaviors to include prevention of sexual assault, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence.

“Will You Step up to STOP Sexual Assault?”an interactive training for Command Leaders, Junior Officers, Senior Enlisted, Program Managers, and Family Ombudsmen throughout the military

“Gendered Fictions, The Role of Culture Change”dynamic presentation by that addresses the role of cultural messaging in creating an atmosphere that leads to sexual assault and other destructive behaviors. Our focus is on awareness and skills for leaders and peers to model the Culture Change the military requires to create a respectful, cohesive environment.

“Suicide Is Every Sailor’s (Soldier’s) Business –GET INVOLVED…SAVE A LIFE!”an interactive, dynamic presentation for Command Leaders, Junior Officers, Senior Enlisted, Program Managers, and All Hands, throughout the military.

“Stories From the Trenches -Countering Destructive Behaviors Workshop”a compelling presentation on how personal family stories and history led to a range of destructive behaviors and the keys to a successful recovery as a roadmap for Sailors and Soldiers.

The Biggest Fight: Don’t Lose to Alcohol – an entertaining presentation focusing on the destructive forces both alcohol and drug abuse can bring to a person, or family, and the steps to counter the behavior and build a more successful integrative life.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Colleges/Universities

Will You Step up to STOP Sexual Assault:

NewPoint offers facilitator-led and mobile application on sexual assault prevention for colleges and universities that covers Title IX issues and has a unique focus on bystander intervention. Online training includes a range of case study video scenarios that give students the awareness and sklls to “Assess the Situation”, “Take Action”, “Offer Support”, and “Prevent” sexual assault on campus.

Consent Rewind:

NewPoint offers a mobile application on the most ambiguous issue in sexual assault on campus – the issue of Consent. Through a series of clever, cartoon animations, we give students the awareness and skills to understand and practice the sklls they need to get “consent” for sexual acitivity. These animations cover the nationally recognized 10 key points around “consent”.