New Media Technology Tools

At NewPoint, we design custom “New Media Solutions” for clients with unique needs to create the most effective learning experience. We utilize a variety of technology tools to deliver critical and time sensitive training to employees wherever they may be.

Quick Points

  • 3 to 5 minute video-based on-line sessions on specific issues delivered right to the desktop on a regular basis

On-line Training

  • Comprehensive video-based on-line or DVD based training on a variety of subjects; dynamic and highly interactive sessions simulating real work scenarios tailored to the client setting

“Edutainment” Mobile Applications on Sexual Assault Prevention and Equal Pay for Women

  • Sexual Assault Prevention Training:
    • STOP: Comprehensive Bystander Intervention mobile application for college and military markets to teach bystanders how to “Step Up To STOP Sexual Assault” http://www.STOP:BystanderIntervention
    • Consent Rewind: Cartoon animated series on the issue of “Consent” geared toward the college and high school market: https://www.ConsentRewind
  • “Just Say More” Pay Equity Training – cartoon animation series to teach women how to negotiate for higher pay

Live facilitated webcast training

Webcast based live training sessions delivered to locations throughout the world; led by home-based trainer and structured to create a continuous learning environment with teams in distant locations

To see demos of these products, go to the Demo Page.