Sexual Assault Prevention for Military and Colleges/Universities

STOP – Will You Step up to STOP Sexual Assault:

NewPoint offers facilitator-led training and mobile applications on sexual assault prevention for the military and colleges and universities. We cover legal and policy issues and have a unique skill building focus on “Bystander Intervention”.  Online training includes a range of case study video scenarios that give learners the awareness and skills to STOP Sexual Assault:

  • “S” – Assess the Situation
  • “T” – Take Action
  • “O” – Offer Support, and
  • “P” – Prevent sexual assault on base or on campus.

Consent Rewind:

NewPoint offers a mobile application on the most ambiguous issue in sexual assault on campus – the issue of Consent.  Through a series of clever, cartoon animations, we give learners the awareness and skills to understand and practice the skills they need to get “consent” for sexual activity. These animations cover the nationally recognized 10 key points around “consent”.

Leadership Communications Strategy – Culture Change and Accountability:

  • NewPoint develops and delivers communications strategy to ensure leaders “walk the talk” in their everyday interactions both with peers and subordinates;
  • NewPoint develops “thought leader” pieces to include personal accountability for eliminating Sexual Assault in the military and in colleges/universities.