The Blended Solution

At NewPoint we merge people and technology to create continuous learning strategies – a blended solution that combines facilitator led training with ongoing reinforcement through on-line courses and live collaborative learning sessions using new digital media tools to reach people around the globe. We make no assumptions about what works…we start by asking our clients…what do you want?

Here’s what our clients say – “we need a range of tools to get critical information to our employees all the time wherever they may be….it’s got to be easy, quick, and relevant to their day to day problems dealing effectively with people.”

Once we listen, we design a range of learning tools to get the job done. It’s not “one size fits all”; it’s using the best strategy that combines people and technology to do it right. Whether it’s classroom, on-line, quick points on a handheld or live video webcast meetings across the world, we make it happen.

At NewPoint, we design custom solutions to clients with unique needs utilizing all the training tools at our disposal to create the most effective learning experience.

  • Facilitator Led Training
    • Dynamic interactive classroom sessions utilizing case studies and small group activities that focus on knowledge attainment and skill building
  • Quick Points
    • 3 to 5 minute video-based on-line sessions on specific issues delivered right to the desktop or mobile devices on a regular basis
  • On-line Training
    • Comprehensive video-based on-line training delivered to the desktop or mobile devices  on a variety of subjects; dynamic and highly interactive sessions simulating real work scenarios tailored to the client setting
  • Live facilitated webcast training
    • Webcast based live training sessions delivered to locations throughout the world; led by home-based trainer and structured to create a continuous learning environment with teams in distant location